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Bobbie Jett and Hank Williams met in the spring of 1952. In her autobiography Jett Williams states that they met when Audrey and Hank Williams were still married. She was born in Nashville and had spent some time in California. When she came back to Nashville she had a child and she started to work as a secretary. Hank Williams and Bobbie Jett had a short relation and Hank Williams started dating Billie Jean later that year. During concerts Bobbie Jett would turn up and stated that she was carrying his child. In the summer of 1952 Bobbie Jett and Hank Williams stayed in the cabin near Lake Martin. He left her in Montgomery when he went to Shreveport to rejoin the Louisiana Hayride. In Shreveport he made contact with Billie Jean again which he introduced as 'my French girlfriend'.


Hank Williams met Bobbie Jett in Nashville. He dated her in the beginning of 1952 till the summer of 1952.>>>

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