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There are two museums dedicated to Hank Williams. One is in Georgiana AL in the house where Hank, Irene and his mother lived after their house burned down. It's near the railway and every year a festival is held on the terrain behind the museum.


The second museum is in Montgomery AL, the city where Hank Williams lived most of his youth. This museum als offers yearly activities such as the Funeral Celebration each 1st of January. The grave of Hank Williams is also in Montgomery and the spot in Alabama which draws the most visitors.


Recently a new kind of museum has opened its doors. The cabin where Hank Williams spent his last summer in 1952 is fully restored at Lake Martin. It's possible to rent the cabin for a night or more. The cabin is part of a camp for children nowadays. for more information;


The Alabama Office of Tourism has introduced the Hank Williams Trail.


Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery AL (left) and the Hank Williams Boyhood Museum in Georgiana AL (right).>>> Hank Williams museums Montgomery and Georgiana