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Hank Williams got his first guitar at an early age in Georgiana AL. There he met Tee-Tot, a black streetmusician who taught him how to play and sing some traditionals. Together they went to Greeneville AL from time to time and played in the streets to earn some money. Tee-Tot got his name because he always had a bottle with tea mixed with some alcoholics with him.

Jimmy Rodgers must also have influenced Hank Williams and he liked the looks of moviestar Gene Autry. In his own words he stated once he would like to have a voice which would sound like Ernest Tubb and Roy Acuff.

Someone asked him once where he got his inspiration from for his songs. He answered; "Comic books. "

Photo taken during a production about the life of Hank Williams. Hank was much younger when he met Tee-Tot than depicted in the production.>>> Tee-Tot and Hank Williams