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Hank Williams formed his first band in Montgomery AL. Drums were not present in his bands. The 'southern swing' came from the rythm-guitar and the bass. He named his band "the Drifting Cowboys" allthough the era of the cowboys was long gone. Bandmembers stayed for some time and some musicians played with him on most of his records. Don Helms is the steelguitar player who is heard on most of Hanks recordings. Braxton Schuffert was a guitarplayer and friend from Montgomery. Lum York is the funny bassplayer seen on a lot of photo's. Furthermore there are Carolyn Parker, "Pee Wee" Moultrie, Jimmy Porter, Wimpy Jones, M.C.Jarett, Bernice Turner (guitar), R.D.Norred, Clent Holmes, Jerry Rivers (violin) and Joe "Penny" Pennington (guitar).

more information: http://www.angelfire.com/ny3/thedriftingcowboys/

A photo taken during a radio recording session. Audrey joins also the band. Hank holds a fiddle. The bassplayer borrowed Audrey's lipstick to look like a sick child.>>> Hank Williams bands