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4/7/42 I'M NOT COMING HOME ANYMORE this song appears in Hank's songbooks in a few years.

I'm not coming home anymore

When you get home
There you will find
The letter that I have wrote for you
And when you’ve read it oe'r
ti'l then you will understand
Why I'm not coming home anymore
Oh there aint no use to cry
Because we're sayin goodbye
We have discussed that oe'r and oe'r
So you go your way
leave life behind because
I'm not coming home anymore.

Darling we were so happy
And had a happy home
The baby we were so proud of you
But then you went astray
I'll never forget that day
For him to know I'd rather be dead


When from you I'm far away
I'll long for you each day
The baby I will miss him so
But from you I will go
For it's all over so
I'm not coming home anymore.


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