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Elonzo Huble Williams was 31 when Hank Williams was born. Elonzo, Hank Williams' father was born on the 22th december 1891 in Macedonia, Lowndes county, AL.. his family came from North Carolina. A picture of his mother shows a woman with high cheekbones and deep set eyes. Hank Williams would always say that he had partial Indian roots, Creek or Cherokee. His father Irvin Williams moved with his family to McWilliams AL.. he worked in a timberfactory about 30 miles from Greenville. His father dies when he was 17 years old.

Elonzo Williams fights in WW1 in France and comes back home with a shellshock. Uncertain is whether he got this shellshock from a French winebottle (dispute about a woman) or German bombs. His wife Lil Skipper doesn't want to have him around anymore and sends him to a veteran-hospital. Hank Williams grows up without a father present.

He honours his father later with a song about the work on the railroads for the lumbercompany.

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