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The fall of Hank Williams sets in when he was fired from the Grand Old Opry on the 11, August 1952. The reason for this was his unreliability due to irregular alcohol consumption. In the winter of 1951 he suffered from a severe case of spina bifida which caused him to cancel some appearances. He was treated for this illness in the Van der Bilt Hospital in Nashville. At home he had to recover but the tension between his wife and him led to the departure of Audrey and the children. A divorce was settled and Hank Williams lived under the same roof with Ray Price. He had to start all over again to keep his carreer going. He played numeral gigs throughout the South and dated Bobbie Jett. Then he went back to Shreveport and fell in love with the fiancée of collegue Faron Young. Her name was Billie Jean Jones. In the summer of 1952 there were two women he was dating.

The operation he underwenth wasn't a succes and his condition weakened. Painkillers were gobbled away with beer.

Hank Williams in 1952 Alexander City AL locked up because he caused trouble in a hotel. Darwin Dobbs paid the bail.>>>


Hank Williams fall Alexander City