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Last ride

The last ride of Hank Williams was a bumpy one. In Montgomery AL. he asked his friend and ocassional bandmember Braxton Schuffert to drive him to Canton Ohio, a 1000-miles ride. Braxton Schuffert had other business to handle so Hank Williams went to the Carr family who owned a cab-service. Charles Carr, the son of the owner and by then 17 years old, had the time to drive the countrystar to his concert. They took of and spent one night in a hotel in Birmingham AL..The next day they headed for Knoxville TN but Hank Williams had back-problems while sitting in a car. They drove to Charleston to take a plane for the last part of their trip. Unfortunately the plane had to return to the airport because of the weatherconditions.

Back in Knoxville TN they went to the hotel which was known from its radioshows. In the middle of the night they left hastily after several calls with his manager A.V.Bamford. Hank Williams was by then asleep and carried in the car by bell-boys. In the wee-wee hours of January the first 1953 Charles Carr got a speeding-ticket nearby Rutledge WVa.. He stopped for gas near Oak Hill WVa and the man who helped him discovered that Hank Williams was no longer asleep in the backseat of his car.

Oak Hill WVa. 2005, Tyrees Funeral Home, where Hank Williams body was kept, has turned into a pharmacy>>>

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