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Horace Raphol 'Toby' Marshall as a former alcoholic and prisoner was a bad adviser for the countrystar in peril. Hank Williams and his mother were an easy prey for the man who was looking for some money. The medical surgery in the Vander Bilt Hospital in Nashville didn't turn out to be satisfactory. The backache was still there and alcohol was a bad painkiller. Hank Williams became now and then a shot of morfine from local docters. When he met Toby Marshall Hank Williams and his mother believed he could help them.

Toby Marshall had an illegal diploma from "The Chicago University of Applied Sciences and Arts" which he had bought from a travelling salesman at a filling station. Marshall had set homself up as an alcoholic therapist. He provided Hank Williams with amfetamin, chloral hydrate, Seconal and morfine. His last prescription was 24 gram chloral hydrate in December 1952. Chloral hydrate is a sedative that depresses the central nervous system. On 30 December 1952 Hank's mother called Toby Marshall and asked to look after him in Charleston WVa.

On the 3th of March Toby Marshall's wife Fay died under suspious circumstances and her husband was interrogated in court. He was sent to prison and acclaimed to have written a book about Hank Williams in which he states the death of Hank Williams was a suicide. This thesis would be very convenient for Toby Marshall.

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