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12/37 Hank performs original song "WPA Blues" in Montgomery Empire Theater talent contest and wins age 14

WPA blues (Casey Bill Weldon, 1936)

Everybody's working in this town : and it's worrying me night and day
If that mean working too : have to work for the W P A
Well well the landlord come this morning : and he knocked on my door
He asked me : if I was going to pay my rent no more
He said you have to move : if you can't pay
And then he turned : and he walked slowly away
So I have to try : find me some other place to stay
That housewrecking crew's coming : from the W P A

Well well went to the relief station : and I didn't have a cent
If that's the only way you stand : you don't have to pay no rent
So when I got back home : they was tacking a notice on the door
This house is condemned : and you can't live there no more
So a notion struck me : I better be on my way
They're going to tear my house down : ooo that crew from the W P A

Well well I went out next morning : I put a lock on my door
I thought I would move : but I have no place to go
The real estate people : they all done got so
They don't rent : to no relief clients no more
So I know : have to walk the streets night and day
Because that wrecking crew's coming : ooo from that W P A
Well well a notion struck me : I'll try to stay a day or two
But I soon found out : that that wouldn't do

Early next morning : while I was laying in my bed
I heard a mighty rumbling : and the bricks come tumbling down on my head
So I had to start ducking and dodging : and be on my way
They was tearing my house down on me : ooo that crew from that W P A