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9/17/41 Hank turns 18
10/11/41 Thigpens Log Cabin appearance
10/25/41 Thigpens Log Cabin appearance
2/6/42 Garland High School Appearance, Butler County Alabama
4/7/42 WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKENUnreleased Recording.  This and the following recording are dated 4/7/42 because of a tape of a broadcast of these acetates presumably from WSFA and a man is heard saying the date in reference to the recordings..
4/7/42 I'M NOT COMING HOME ANYMOREthis song appears in Hank's songbooks in a few years.                                                              
1942 THE LAST LETTER Unreleased Recording
1942 THE OLD ROCKING CHAIR Unreleased Recording
1942 SEEING MARY HOME Unreleased Recording
1942 OLD SHEP Unreleased Recording
1942 IN MY HEART YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MINE Unreleased Recording
1942 WALK THAT LONESOME VALLEY Unreleased Recording-not sure if this is the tune some people refer to as "Mother Guide Me."
1942 I'LL NEVER CRY OVER YOU Unreleased Recording
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7/10/42 Hank's parents make their divorce official
7/42-8/42 Hank goes to Oregon to work at Kaiser Shipyard as a welder. Friend from Montggomery is there at the same time and reports Hank went to welding school a day or two, spent the rest of the time hitting the honky-tonks, and when his money ran out wired home for money for a train ticket home.  Someone who was staying at Lillie's boarding house remembers his return home-and that he hadn't had any money to buy anything to eat for the almost 1 week ride home.  age 18/19
8/14/42 Breeland Park appearance, Butler County Alabama
8/42 Hank kicked off WFSA
9/17/42 Hank turns 19
11/42-Moves to Mobile Alabama to work for Alabama Dry Dock and Shipbuilding company, continues to play shows in and around Montgomery age  19
Early 1943-Joins medicine show, meets Audrey in Banks, Alabama
5/43 Hank plays show in Montgomery City Auditorium opening for pee wee King.  Sells King "I'M PRAYING FOR THE DAY THAT PEACE WILL COME"-Recorded in the 1951 by Roscoe Haskins
9/2/43 Hank plays a show in Montgomery
9/6/43 Labor Day-Hank backstage at Montgomery Municipal Auditorium, offers to go out on stage to retrieve Hardrock Gunter's guitar.  Hardrock was featured performer-instead Hank picks it up, does a show and brings down the house-then he tries to leave with Hardrock's guitar.